Winter Park’s Future 

  • Defending the future charm and wonder of Winter Park
  • Maintaining a strong sense of community
  • Leading by making good choices not only for 2020, but for 2070 and beyond
  • Valuing the whole community and allowing every voice to be heard, even when we disagree

Key Focus Areas

  • Parks – Continue to invest in and expand our parks
  • Education – Strengthen our partnerships with Rollins College and Valencia College; support our local schools
  • Public Safety – Strong support for Police, Firefighters, First Responders; foster safe schools, parks and neighborhoods
  • Connectivity – Have courageous conversations regarding transportation, traffic, biking, and accessibility
  • Local Business — Encourage healthy business and entrepreneurship to ensure a strong local economy

People Matter

I have had the privilege to be in leadership positions for the past 35 years, mostly within the non-profit sector. Those opportunities have consistently been in settings where I was working with others, creating consensus through communication and discussion, as together we confronted the work.

I bring a principled leadership style to my work. I see in the Biblical idea of “the fruit of the spirit” a model for the best leader. That person, and what I believe I bring to all of my leadership roles, should model love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control. A good leader will always tell the truth and not try to obfuscate or shield the truth in an attempt to dodge a reaction. A good leader needs to be willing to ask direct questions, “hard” questions. A good leader must be confident and courageous, but also kind, generous and graceful.

A leader must be able to make tough decisions, but that choice is not something done in a spirit of “winning” or to bring harm to another.

Tough decisions will ultimately demand a choice, and rarely can a choice be found that pleases everyone. The leader should work consistently to keep the conversation going as we engage the challenge ahead of us. The type of leadership we need at all levels in our country is temperate, logical thinking, willing to engage multiple points of view with grace and thoughtfulness in making the choices. Leadership will always end up making decisions and others will disagree, often strongly, with the decision. Yet, there ought to be a sense in which evidence is clear that all aspects (or as many as possible at that time) have been considered.

Where others often respond with “quick trigger” reactions and short-term thinking, both verbally and in decision-making, my leadership and strengths bring a longer-term, strategic thought process to my decisions. Where there are sides that one seeks to defend, on all decisions, I work to practice reflective listening, engaging with opinions opposite of mine in order to seek a good decision.

That’s the kind of leader I have been for over 35 years of my adult life, in a variety of circumstance and work opportunities. That’s the kind of leader I would be as a commissioner. That’s the kind of leader I believe we need on our city Commission. That’s why I am running.